Greetings from SOA Flute Orchestra

Valentine Concert – 2 performances – Click here to purchase tickets!

Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite” – arr. Michael Axtell

As the great physician brings healing to mankind and the poet captures the beauty of life in his golden words which seem to stop time, so the Song of the Angels Flute Orchestra seeks to bring healing and beauty to a suffering world and finds itself in complete accord with JS Bach: “I am blessed to put a few notes in the proper place but God makes the music.” Frederick Staff, Founder

Theobold Boehm invented the modern flute in 1847. He preferred playing the alto flute on his own time, would have hailed the day of the C Bass Flute, the F and C Contra-bass Flutes and the F and C Double Contrabass Flutes! Song of the Angels contains the current instrumentation: 9 C Concert Flutes, 1 Piccolo, 5 Alto Flutes, 3 Bass Flutes, 2 Contrabass Flutes, 1 F Contrabass and 1 Double Contrabass Flute.

Eugenia Zukerman’s Review of “Live at St. James!”
“This is a sensational CD!  With brilliant arrangements for this fine orchestra of flutes, the music takes on vibrant new colors, textures and effects. Samuel Barber’s iconic “Adagio for Strings” is even more powerful played by SOA. Somehow the resonance of the flutes’ sonorities brings out the poignance and visceral pain of loss one senses listening to this great work. The performances of all the works are terrific –wonderful solo playing by Maria Ramey, and David Shostac, but first rate playing by every member of this exciting orchestra.

“Live” is an exquisite and astonishing recording!”   – Eugenia Zukerman (Classical Music Correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning.) 

“I had the leave to conduct Song of the Angels Flute Orchestra Sunday night February 5, 2012. I immediately felt close to this ensemble because they are totally dedicated to the music like me and are always trying to improve! Besides, Frederick Staff was able to carry the group with his positive aura… Song of the Angels and I understood each other immediately and I will never forget them! This is the link I always need to make a great performance!!! I was amazed at the quality of pitch and beauty of sound of Song of the Angels.” – Jean Ferrandis, world reknowned French flutist, Feb. 7, 2012.

“Samson where did you get such an enormous sound?”- James Galway, in a masterclass, to Frederick Staff

“Three things in life keep me going: The big flutes, James Galway and the Song of the Angels Flute Orchestra!” – Eva Kingma, Holland flutist, maker of “the big flutes” and inventor of the patented Kingma System.

“Hearing the Song of the Angels Flute Orchestra is an exceptionally rare experience. This group is unique because of it’s wide range of flutes from the piccolo’s highs to the double contrabass’ ultra lows. The name of this orchestra is apropos for the angelic sounds each song exudes. You will be enthralled by the quality of music produced by this most talented group of dedicated musicians.”- Jesse Teiko – String Bass, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and NY Philharmonic.