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January 2021

Meet the Orchestra
Conductor | Composer | Arranger Charles Fernandez
Artistic Director | Concertmaster Frederick Staff
Recording Engineer Nicholas Casillas
Web Site | Video Editor Sue Anderson
Artist in Residence David Shostac
Susan Anderson
John A. Asti
Gene Burkert
Gina Buban
Lauren Cho
Gail Dearing
Suzanne Duffy
Ellen Engelke
Leanne Freeman
Linda Harman
Nina Heumann
Elaine Hochheiser
Linda Howard
Beatrice Luna
Chikako Iverson
Deborah MacMurray
David Miller
Lisa Norton
Francine Pancost
Megan Pancost
Ann Patterson
Sheryl Porter
Kim Richmond
Andy Rosen
Paula Savastano
Frederick Staff
Roland Tso
Michelle Van Kempen
Reggie Waddell
Barbara Watts-Robinson
Randy Weinstein
Betty Whyte
Linda Zarlenga

As the great physician brings healing to mankind and the poet captures the beauty of life in his golden words which seem to stop time, so the Song of the Angels Flute Orchestra seeks to bring healing and beauty to a suffering world and finds itself in complete accord with JS Bach: “I am blessed to put a few notes in the proper place but God makes the music.”…Frederick Staff, Founder