Christmas Remembrances Video | Rehearsal Sunday @ 7PM

A few selections (Corelli Christmas Concert, Benedictus, and Fantasy on Coventry Carol) from the December 6, 2015 Christmas Remembrances Concert are now available for viewing on our video page.

We have a rehearsal at 7PM this Sunday evening (February 21) following the L.A. Winds concert at Pierce College. If you are interested in attending this concert, tickets are available at the door to the Performing Arts Building (to the right of the band room). There are 2 performances, 1 and 4PM.  Attendees will have the opportunity to hear Chuck playing his fabulous bassoon, along with supporting your fellow SOA flutists’ Joanne Wallace, Randy Weinstein, Debby MacMurray, Suzanne Duffy, and Sue Anderson. Hope to see you there!